"I liked the different massage movements we learnt for doing at home. It was good to connect & bond with my baby in a different way"

"I love how we sing and use the yoga poses at home. He's started singing yoga songs at the breakfast table!"

"It was all great! The massage & handouts are excellent.

Practical advice & general reassurance from George was fab"

"Thanks again for another lovely term. This is the best group we've done throughout maternity leave"

"very good clear instruction and support... (I love) being able to move baby around safely - she loves it"

"It was both informative and relaxing... I learnt massage techniques and more about how to relax me and my baby"

"E looks forward to yoga all week - she is more focused and listens and follows instructions better. She sings the songs and practices the moves at home." 


"I liked all the massage & being able to talk things thru with other mums."

"Having time dedicated to the massage, which R loved, and learning something I could do with him at home."

"I like the lovely songs and actions. We do these at home now too"

"I loved the atmosphere and the accepting & validating environment"

(Sarah L)

"The massage moves were easy to learn & I was then able to teach my husband to massage"

"I've learnt what she likes and doesn't like and how to relieve wind. I would recommend to anyone"